The Foundation

An educated, healthy and cultured society is a necessary prerequisite for the wholesome development of any nation. Crimes and injustices against women and children can stunt growth and limit possibilities for the country as a whole. Public awareness is the most important issue that we deal with today. Apprising the oppressed of their rights can go a long way in uplifting them in society and helping us fulfill our duties as upstanding citizens of society. The “RannSamar Foundation” aspires to render women and children, who make up more than half the population of India, free of the burden of inequities and atrocities by empowering them with education, an awareness of their rights, vocational skills that they can rely on, along with a platform they can approach when in need of any form of assistance.

Some of Our On-Going Programs and Activities:

RannSamar for Dadaura Village:

Actor Bhagyashree present school fee cheques to the girls of Dadura.

RannSamar has adopted the village of Dadaura, situated in the Ramnagar Tehsil of Barabanki District, Uttar Pradesh. With a population of 1558 persons, out of which 46 per cent are female, the literacy rate of the village is a mere 49 per cent. RannSamar is making efforts to promote education and women empowerment in the region through programs to fund the college education of young aspiring women as well as supporting primary education in the region.

Construction at Paraupur Manjhanpur:

In light of the increasing number of sexual assault cases against women who are compelled to defecate in the fields due to the lack of toilets and in its quest to enhance women safety in rural areas, RannSamar has undertaken the construction of toilets int he village of Paraupur Manjhanpur in Jaunpur. We are also attempting to garner more funds so as to expand our reach in the neigbouring areas as these toilets have the potential to change the lives of these women and contribute to their safety, security and self-respect.