For the Love of Bombay: Puncham Pyao

“In 2015, I found myself involved in a heartfelt battle for the people of Bombay and their right to access free drinking water. At that time, the BMC had plans to demolish a beloved water drinking fountain, known as Puncham Pyao, situated across from the Bombay Gymkhana. This stretch of the road was targeted for beautification, but at the expense of a vital public resource.

It was during these efforts that we, Isha Singh (Lawyer, IPS) put our love for the city of Bombay and its people first. Our principle was clear: not the smallest injustice should be done to the people. This water fountain had been a source of respite for countless individuals, serving everyone from VT to Churchgate, including the shoppers at Fashion Street.

We, as Indians, have always valued the idea of free, accessible drinking water. It’s a basic human right, and it’s something we should all have access to without having to spend money. As I recall this memory, I can’t help but be reminded of the fundamental principles that guided our actions. This fountain symbolized the spirit of Bombay, and it stood for the idea that everyone, regardless of their background or status, deserves clean, drinkable water.

Our founder often reflects on this as it serves as a reminder of the values and determination that underpin our commitment to justice and the well-being of the people we serve. This battle was about more than just a fountain; it was about upholding the rights of the people of this beloved city.

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